Copernicus Revisited: Firm-Centricity to Customer-Centricity

Over 500 years ago Copernicus, a Renaissance-era mathematician and astronomer, revolutionized astronomy and science by stating that the Earth revolved around the Sun. This not only countered the prevalent view that everything revolved around the Earth, but it also altered the field of astronomy forever.

Just like Copernicus, today’s leading companies and their executives are revolutionizing the business world by demonstrating that companies who revolve around their customers (customer-centric) are not only more viable but successfully thrive in today’s highly competitive, frequently disruptive world.

This is not the case for firm-centric brethren. Many of them are failing or struggling to just survive. Firm-centricity, which dominated management thinking for the last century, is now threatening the future of businesses that operate in this manner.

Today, customers, not companies, hold all the cards. Customers know, expect and demand more.

They have more choices than ever before.

In today's business environment you must become customer-centric to survive.

Our friend, Jay Weiser just wrote a white paper that makes a compelling case for becoming (more) customer-centric or, at a minimum, a case for at least exploring the current state or your business’s customer-centricity and the costs and benefits of becoming (more) customer-centric.

Grab a copy of his white paper here.