It's time to simplify business process improvement.


Most organizations with which we work are usually competent when it comes to developing, producing and delivering their products and services. They generally produce good products and services customers want to buy. Unfortunately, the care they have taken to create and refine their product development and fulfillment processes has not been applied to their business processes such as sales operations, change management, strategy development and execution and business integration.

The result is an organization functioning sub-optimally and not achieving the desired outcomes. And the root cause is often misalignment.

When the desired outcomes do not align with the demonstrated behaviors, the results can be confusion, unpredictability, loss of productivity and ultimately - failure.

Organizational dysfunction

Over the years, many have tried to address the problem. The business world is awash with business process improvement methodologies:

  • Six Sigma

  • Lean

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Kaizen

  • 5S

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Cause & Effect Analysis

  • SIPOC Analysis

  • Process Mapping

  • Competence Maturity Model

It’s enough to make your head spin!

And it’s not that these aren’t useful or valid methodologies, they are. But in many cases, they are just too complex and too difficult to implement quickly. And of course, you can’t attempt many of these without sufficient training and a rigorous and expensive certification process.

Twelve Oaks Advisors believes there is a much simpler approach to business process improvement; we call it ACTTIVE™️.

ACTTIVE™️ Business Process Improvement

Each step of the ACTTIVE™️ approach is described below. At its essence, ACTTIVE™️ attempts to simplify the process of business improvement by focusing on the things that matter. Within each of these steps, we use simple, easy to understand and implement methods that get to results and value quickly.

Articulate the business process improvement strategy simply:

Your strategy statement should fit on one side of an 81/2 x 11 page. It should be simple enough that anybody in the organization can understand it - Make it Simple

Communicate the strategy and the implementation plan to all stakeholders:

All stakeholders should know the organization’s goals, objectives, the strategy and the plan to achieve the desired outcomes. Communicate often and in unambiguous language - Make it Clear

Timebound your solution development process:

Create small solutions that can be implemented in 120-days or less. If you’re going to fail, fail fast! – Make it Quick

Trial/Test your solutions:

Before implementing process improvements across the entire organization, test your solutions rapidly in small, controlled environments, re-engineer as necessary - Make it Real

Implement the solution across the entire organization:

Using professional project management methods, roll-out the improved business processes making sure to communicate often and widely your successes - Make it Happen

Validate the solution using measurement and feedback to demonstrate success:

Establish appropriate key performance metrics and continuously measure and report on the organization’s results. - Make it Stick

Enhance the solution through continuous improvement:

The business environment is never static, change is constant and inevitable. Continue to refine your processes over time. - Make it Better

The ACTTIVE™️ approach allows you to focus on outcomes and business value not methodology and builds a culture of success and continuous improvement while reducing business risk.

Twelve Oaks advisors can help you improve your business processes. Our team of experienced business professionals have helped many organizations in many industries optimize their business performance. Let us help you too!