Choosing Your Audience Wisely

I’m curious… do you filter when you market? Do you have a strong selection criteria as part of your marketing/planning process? After all – every marketing dollar counts right?

I had a strong desire today to jot down some thoughts about your audience and I’m sharing them here for you. Pay attention… this stuff is powerful!

FOCUS TIP #1: Who you don’t serve is every bit as important as who you do. It is always okay to trim the tribe or your herd.

Let’s say you’re planning to open a steakhouse. If you had to pick one criteria… what do you think is MOST IMPORTANT to a blockbuster opening day?

  • Elegant decor?

  • A well-trained staff?

  • Ample parking?

  • A robust menu?

  • Reasonable prices?

  • Delicious food?

The answer: None of the above.

The best thing you could possibly have when you open the doors for your new steakhouse is a starving, steak-hungry crowd. Period. Oh yes – with a collective, “hangry” growl in the bellies!

Which means you don’t want to send your marketing message to vegetarians or calorie counters. :-)

Don’t Go Grocery Shopping on an Empty Stomach.

Last week I was in Publix grocery shopping on an empty stomach. What a recipe for financial disaster! My shopping bill was well over $250. I was a “hangry” shopper and had put a lot of extra “goodies” in my cart because everything just looked so good. The image on the cereal box cost me an additional $4.95. Oh the horror!

FOCUS TIP #2: Research and Plan Before You Spend.

When it comes to reaching your audience online, you’ve got to find the equivalent of those hungry carnivores.

A blog that tries to speak to everyone will find few, if any, readers. It’s always smart to choose a general topic that’s got wide appeal. But within that topic, the tighter your focus, the easier it will be to grow an enthusiastic base of readers, then customers.

FOCUS TIP #3: You, my friend ARE NOT your customer.

Let me repeat that – you are not your customer.

Do not base your marketing solely on your own opinions and desires. GET FEEDBACK and TEST. You are in control of either succeeding or failing to convince – The Customer- to buy your products or services and/or invest in you.

You want to avoid IMPOSING your opinion on your potential customers. Focus on fulfilling the perceived wants and needs of your customers, from Their Perspective, (not yours) so you will greatly increase the number of customers that will decide to buy your products and/or services.

Many business books will tell you that the secret to success is grounded in becoming a customer of your own products and services.

Put yourself in customers' shoes to see how they interact with your product and what the overall experience feels like. The idea is flawed because you are not your customer. You don’t have the same frame of reference they do, you really don’t think the way they do. Add to that fact - buying decisions are made emotionally, not logically and you can see the need to test and get feedback whenever possible before you start to spend money. A good headline can be a powerful, emotional motivator

for some to hire you. A good image can tie in emotions to help “sell” the message. We are wired emotionally. Logic and rationale typically come a little later to justify our purchase. There are always exceptions.

I’m curious to hear what you think.