6 Digital Marketing Tips for 2018

A shift to more digital marketing in 2018? You BETCHA!

New trends are entering the marketplace and your company needs to pay attention or you may be forced by the wayside. With the need to become more visible and reach more customers, the digital marketing of tomorrow offers advancements in emerging technologies as consumers demand a more integrated experience.

Having said that – your adherence to the principles of the marketing triangle have never been more important. (1) Being deliberate and focused, (2) saying the right things and using the right tools to (3) get in front and stay in front of the right customers should serve as the foundation to all the marketing you do in 2018.

• The right message • To the right target • At the right time/through the right media

Note – the following list is not ranked in order of importance. Use the list as a checklist for how you will prepare this year.

1. Social Media

As our mobile devices become more powerful and social apps better integrate with new augmented reality tools (AR), brands will use AR to better engage with consumers. For example, using your location, brands could trigger sponsored AR content, which can only be accessed at that spot, at that time. Pokémon Go was the pioneer with this idea. Instagram and Facebook will soon be integrating this tech into its platforms. How can you use these new tools to engage with your prospects and give them a greater experience?

2. True Understanding Of Customer Journey

Your customer is coming to you now at a particular stage in their buying cycle. Do you know what it is and why your messaging needs to change, as a result? Are they trying to solve a problem or just researching? Do they even know they have a problem? Data-driven marketing is a powerful tool, but how that data translates to the customer journey will be paramount in digital marketing success in 2018. Strive first to use data to know where your consumers will be on every step of their purchasing path, learn what appeals to them, and design your marketing to touch them all along their journey.

3. More Targeted Ads With Specific Purpose

We are constantly bombarded with new marketing messages every day. As a result of our minimal attention spans - ads will become more singularly purposed in nature, with a very specific goal and goal conversion place in mind, whether it be a mobile or desktop experience.

4. Video Marketing

Video continues to remain a strong marketing tool to engage your customers. As our attention spans decrease, marketers are heavily relying more and more on creating video content to boost search engine rankings, increase engagement and website traffic rates, as an example. Business overviews, live product demonstrations, live meetings, testimonials and customer reviews all offer great uses for video in your marketing. And – absent of a face-to-face meeting, video is a great way for someone to see and hear you, as well as get a glimpse into your personality. It’s a very effective medium when done right.

5. Personalization Along All Stages Of The Sales Funnel

Impersonalized email blasts and ads are going the way of the fax machine. Becoming hyper-targeted and focusing on personalizing every interaction is becoming increasingly important. Personalized landing pages should be connected to every one of your advertising campaigns. Getting their attention and being interesting or compelling enough for them to take action - must be step one, and building a personalized connection with prospects for ongoing nurturing based on their buying stage is step two. Personalization will surely be critical for your 2018 digital marketing planning.

6. Different Kind Of Content Marketing

With new formats evolving every day and the popularity of video, content marketing is no longer about writing blog posts, checklists and listicles. Voice search is altering a lot of content strategies to aim more for featured snippets or present interactive tutorials that can be spoken to people as they complete mundane or complex tasks.