RE-Purpose, RE-Utilize, RE-Optimize and... STRIKE!

Need to write a new blog post and don’t know where to begin? Can’t think of new content? That’s fine – look over yonder, to some of posts you’ve written in the past. There’s gold in 'dem der' hills!

What Did You Write About a Year Ago?

What content from a year or two ago (or less even) could be modified or updated to include a new slant on an old problem, new data for an old trend… or old information for a new trend. Bottom line – do you have a content asset that with a little polish and re-utilization, could attract new attention?

Link and Relate to New Trends

You might want to review an old blog post from 12 month’s ago and create a new post… cross-linking the two – and relating it to a specific trend of today.

RE-Purpose Into Other Media

OR, you might consider turning articles into videos (or vice versa). Remember - we all consume information and learn differently. Some prefer to read, while others prefer to "view" or "hear" the information. Just because you put good content into a blog - doesn't mean it couldn't be a video on your YouTube Channel.

RE-Utilize and RE-Optimize!

Content re-utilization and re-optimization not only breathes new life into old content, it gives you a cost-effective way to re-purpose content that can work for you today – saving you time and money. No need to go back to the well or re-invent the wheel each time. Engaging in this process will help search engines and consumers rediscover the value you provide.

What is Your Blogging Strategy?

Do you have one? Need help creating one? There is nothing more difficult than finding time to blog. Developing a blogging strategy in advance not only helps you come up with great topics and ideas, but also helps to streamline your content delivery when it matters the most!