Program Management
The "P" in PM is as much about 'PEOPLE' management as it is about 'PROJECT' management.
~Cornelius Fichter
Do you struggle with managing multiple projects?

Many companies are swimming in a sea of projects but don’t have an effective governance structure in place to assure the investment in these projects is reaping the intended outcomes and business benefits.   
Their tools are either to simplistic (or non-existent) or they are mired in the complexity that Project and Program Management methodologies can bring.
Program Management
Twelve Oaks Advisors can help you bring order to this chaos by helping you understand what projects you have, their alignment to you business strategy and by helping you implement a governance structure and best-practices based toolkit that’s easy to use and will facilitate better collaboration among your project teams. 

Most importantly, we’ll make sure you know what is going on in your organization and allow you to see the direct impact of your project portfolio to your bottom line.

Next Steps?

The best way for you and your team to learn about our project management focus and services is to join us for a 30 minute meeting.  Together we'll take a deeper dive into dysfunctional processes that are costing you a lot of money and impacting your bottom line.