I.T. Strategy
Does your IT Strategy inform your Business Strategy?
The days of formulating IT strategy in a silo are over. Today, IT Leaders must be business savvy and have a seat at the executive table to ensure that IT capabilities and technology trends inform business strategy. Strategic thinking IT leaders must not only address traditional operational aspects of IT, but develop technology strategy & roadmaps that are aligned with enterprise priorities and create business value.  
Technology is increasingly becoming the catalyst for disruptive change within business ecosystems.
IT Strategy

But, technology alone is not a sound strategy for business transformation. IT Strategy still needs to address People, Process and Technology and incorporate sound IT standards, governance, quality and incident management processes. Today’s IT strategy must also embrace the rapid pace of innovation, the need for an outstanding customer experience, instant scalability, interoperability, amorphous data sources (IoT) and heighted security risks.  All of which must be measured and monitored.


The team at Twelve Oaks Advisors have had a “seat at the executive table” and can help you develop an informed Business Strategy that cascades into an aligned IT Strategy and roadmap for execution.  We will help you navigate the turbulence of change and ensure that your company has clear optics into how technology and IT process will support your vision.

Next Steps?

The best way for you and your team to learn more about our IT Strategy development services is to join us for a 30 minute meeting.  Together we'll take a deeper dive into your top business and technology priorities and explore how we can “right-size” our IT Strategy framework to help you ensure IT alignment when addressing your most critical business challenges.​