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Hopefully, none of us intentionally develop our strategy and design our company so that we can be slow and clumsy. Yet, here is a question we must ask:

Is your organization unintentionally slow and clumsy by design?

A recent Dilbert cartoon depicted a conversation betwee...

Disruptions are changes of significant magnitude and complexity, often unexpected. They can upend and dislocate existing markets, industries, businesses, and organizations. They alter how market participants, organizations, and customers interact.

Rarely occurring in is...

April 16, 2018

I am a medically licensed Wilderness First Responder.  Through my training I learned most bacteria, viruses and protozoa can be killed with light – UV light to be exact. One of the best ways to kill water-borne pathogens is to expose them to UV light for about a minute...

You may be rolling your eyes and thinking “not another list” and I don’t blame you.  However, what I am offering is different, really.

  • First, it is important to differentiate between principles and practice.  Principles are timeless and universal “truths” independen...

November 7, 2017

This past week Twelve Oaks Advisors was invited to be the November 29th special guest on High Velocity Radio on the Business Radio X network.

We are honored and thrilled to be on the show. We’ll be discussing why we formed our firm, how we help our clients and why we...