Twelve Oaks Advisors Launches New Management Consulting Firm
October 15, 2017
After achieving a modest level of success in their respective industries, a group of like-minded entrepreneurs have joined forces to form Twelve Oaks Advisors, LLC a new management consulting firm.

Cumming, GA | October 15, 2017   Twelve Oaks Advisors, LLC officially launched their new management consulting firm, a team of industry professionals dedicated to helping the leaders of small and mid-sized businesses optimize their organizations’ business performance.  Former Fortune 500 senior executives who have a passion for helping others succeed, the members joined forces to form Twelve Oaks Advisors and provide a 360 degree and holistic approach to helping companies who can’t see their constraints, break through the ceiling and improve performance. 

“We recognize that all companies go through predictable stages in their journey to profitable growth. Often, the team that was able to be successful at one stage of a company’s genesis is not capable of moving the organization forward without some help from capable advisors that have successfully navigated this journey before.  We can help”, said Founder and Managing Partner, Cary Green.  

Having spent many years on “the other side of the desk”, Mr. Green knows how typical consultants approach problem solving and is committed to providing a more collaborative and honest approach to achieving business value.

“We have a simple philosophy and take a very pragmatic approach, we want to provide business solutions that completely meet our customers’ needs. If we can’t do this, we won’t engage”, continued Green.  “We aren’t trying to maximize our clients’ spend with us. We want to get in, solve the problem, help our clients and get out.”

Bringing the expertise of former Fortune 500 executives together to support the exploding SMB market, Twelve Oaks Advisors is focused on helping business leaders struggling to move to the next level of their organizational development by optimizing their business performance through Sales, Marketing, IT, Change Management, Program Management and Strategy consulting. 

Twelve Oaks Advisors is focused on getting to the root cause of the challenge, developing mutually agreeable plans for successful execution and demonstrating business value – quickly.   

About Twelve Oaks Advisors
Twelve Oaks Advisors, LLC is a Management Consulting firm for the small and mid-sized business market in the Southeastern United States.  The team of accomplished business executives and consultants hold multiple, industry recognized certifications and have extensive experience small and mid-sized companies succeed.  For more information and to take the 12/12 optimization assessment visit: